It is generally known that collagen depletion causes wrinkles, lines and folds, large pores marking the passage of time. What isn’t as well known, however, is the role collagen depletion plays in the formation of acne scars.
Acne scars are of many types, the more common one being Atrophic scars, which occur as collagen is lost at the site of an acne ‘Injury’ and result in a depression stays visible over the long term.
The solution lies in restoring collagen in precise and controlled manner at the site of the damage. This becomes the essential core of a skin resurfacing plan. Collagen can be induced to regenerate by deploying the process of Micro-Needling RF. This also creates a channel for nutrients applied to the skin to be better absorbed by the epidermis.
Micro-Needling RF is a well regarded treatment for skin rejuvenation. Its pinpoint precision allows for an extraordinary degree of control in the hands of an expert dermatologist. This is a energy based device which uses surgical steel micro-needles, fixed to probe which is powered by very sophisticated and safe energy controlling device.
The depth to which the needles penetrate, can be manipulated electronically, and they can be adjusted for a range of outcomes – from enhancing nutrient absorption on the superficial layer to penetrating deep down to treat scars and wrinkles.
At Curo Skin Clinic, Dr. Deepika Sarode ,best dermatologist in Mira road provides the best Micro-Needling RF treatment.
How it works?
Its well known fact that a radiant skin has an underlying padding of collagen which keeps it looking plumped, firm and smooth. Micro- needling Radiofrequency device causes selective heating in the deep dermis at the point of insertion of the micro-needles avoiding damage (burning or pigmentation) of the upper skin layer i.e. the epidermis. This creates shortening and tightening of the collagen fibres, and stimulation of new collagen formation which increases the underlying padding of collagen to raise the depressed scars and improve the wrinkles and fine lines.
What you can expect?
Anaesthetic cream is always applied since the device is energy based to make the procedure more comfortable. Effects start appearing from the first session. Immediately after treatment the treated area will appear red and slightly inflamed which settles in 3- 4 days. If uncomfortable, a cool ice pack is advised to be applied to the area daily 2-3 times a day. As new collagen production is stimulated skin starts appearing tightened, wrinkles and fine lines reduce, acne scars or depressed scars, stretch marks and large pores improve. Series of sessions placed at 3-5 week intervals are required to achieve the expected results.

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